Fewer inspections, priority treatment of the consignment in the event of being selected for inspection, exclusivity for the use of certain customs simplifications.

Sea-Logistics has AEO status, ie the status of an authorized entrepreneur within the scope of customs simplifications, which entitles to the use of simplifications in accordance with the Customs law Regulations.

Benefits of being represented by company with AEO status:

  • Fewer checks on documents and physical controls
  • Priority treatment of the consignment in the event of being selected for inspection
  • Faster and easier access to customs simplifications and exclusivity for the application of some customs simplifications
  • possibility to choose where the inspection should take place
  • notification that shipment was selected for inspection in advanced
  • Recognition of AEO status throughout the EU and partner countries

Customs Office has granted a number of additional privilidges to the entrepreneurs with an AEO status in Poland. These are described in details in the guidline available on the website of the Ministry of Finance.


As a company with many years of experiance on the market, we guarantee professional and high quality of services. Our staff provides advisory support at every stage of shipping without complicated formalities and procedures.

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